On the the eastern coast of the Inner Sea, the city of Oppara acts as the heart and soul of the nation of Taldor. In times past it earned the title ‘The Gilded City’ for the golden-plated roofs of its buildings that glittered in the late afternoon sun. Sadly, the city’s nickname has lasted far longer than any of the precious metals in its buildings’ roof tiles.

As a sprawling metropolis, Oppara is home to over one-hundred-thousand citizens, making for a great divide between its greed-driven nobles and its poverty-stricken commoners. For more than a thousand years, Taldor has been dealt numerous crushing blows, including the death of its patron deity, Aroden, and the loss of the region of Cheliax to a vie for independance. The inner cities have felt the toll of the frontier towns falling into lawlessness, and as the years pass, it seems the only thing keeping Taldor together at its seams is its once-deep coffers.

While countless well-meaning adventurers flock to Oppara and its neighboring cities, a few close-knit creatures of nefarious intent have found that there’s far more to be taken from the increasing instability in the realm. This is the story of their rise to infamy.


Neither Gods Nor Men

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